• Praful - I Saw You - Rumi


    I Saw You
    and became silent
    no words to say
    nobody left to speak

    I Saw You
    and became empty
    this emptiness
    more beautiful than existence

    Comes a Time
    when nothing is meaningful
    surrendering to Love.


    de l’album Mirror of the Heart, paru le 15 juillet 2013

    I saw you and became empty.
    This emptiness, more beautiful than existence,
    it obliterates existence, and yet when it comes,
    existence thrives and creates more existence.

    To praise is to praise
    how one surrenders to the emptiness.

    To praise the sun is to praise your own eyes.
    Praise, the ocean. What we say, a little ship.

    So the sea-journey goes on, and who knows where?
    Just to be held by the ocean is the best luck
    we could have. It is a total waking-up.

    Why should we grieve that we have been sleeping?
    It does not matter how long we've been unconscious.
    We are groggy, but let the guilt go.

    Feel the motions of tenderness
    around you, the buoyancy.



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